OHC Receives National Recognition from The Commission On Cancer As An Oncology Medical Home

CINCINNATI, Ohio, Aug. 31, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — OHC, the region’s premier provider of treatments for adult cancer and complex blood disorders, recently received accreditation as an Oncology Medical Home from the Commission on Cancer (CoC). This recognition distinguishes OHC as one of the nation’s premier independent cancer practices as the accreditation was awarded to only nine practices in the country. (more…)

Was It Cancer? Getting the Diagnosis

Sydney, Australia — I OFTEN wondered what it would be like to have a cancer growing inside your body. To suddenly discover you are carrying something that is eating you away, growing in an ugly, consuming mass in or around your bones or organs. To be blithely stepping through life, unaware that your insides are betraying you.

I didn’t expect to find out, though, at least not for decades. I have always been healthy and strong; I regularly do hot yoga and swim a two-kilometer stretch in a bay teeming with fish near my home in Sydney, all while caring for my two little kids, hosting a TV show, writing columns and making the final edits on the book I am writing. (more…)

Location and Provider Key to Medicare Cost for Radiation Tx

– Hawaii is a bargain

Variations in the cost of delivering radiation therapy to Medicare beneficiaries for breast, lung, and prostate cancer does not depend on either patient or disease-related factors but rather is mostly driven by the location from which that care is delivered and individual patient providers.

Using data from the SEER-Medicare linked database, investigators found that the median cost of a course of radiation therapy delivered to 55,288 patients was $8,600 (Interquartile range: $7,300-$10,300) for breast cancer; $9,000 ($7,500-$11,100) for lung cancer, and $18,000 ($11,300-$25,500) for prostate cancer. (more…)

New Guidelines for Cancer Doctors Aim to Make Sense of Gene Tests

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has issued guidelines on how cancer doctors should approach the use of new genetic tests that screen for multiple cancer genes at the same time, including counseling patients about genes whose contribution to cancer is still poorly understood.

The guidelines aim to educate doctors about the risks and benefits of new genetic tests, argue for regulation to assure quality and call for more equitable reimbursement of the cost of the tests from private and public insurers. (more…)

Hybrid Academic-Community Cancer Centers Take Shape

– Emerging model takes cutting-edge oncology into the community

An alternative cancer center model has been emerging at a number of healthcare institutions around the country that offers patients local access to more and earlier-phase clinical trials and better care than they might receive in traditional community settings, a MedPage Today investigation found. (more…)

Rising Cost Of Drugs: Where Do We Go From Here?

The trends are clear: patients and institutions across the nation are concerned about skyrocketing drug prices. This post offers some information about drug pricing, explores the notion of market intervention, and proposes a series of responses to high pharmaceutical costs. (more…)

Cancer Drugs Face Axe In NHS Cost-Cutting Move

A new round of cuts to NHS cancer treatments are to be announced within days, Sky News understands.

NHS England is meeting pharmaceutical companies this week to tell them whether their medicines will remain on the Cancer Drugs Fund.

The fund currently allows patients to access 37 drugs that are not routinely available on the NHS in England. (more…)

This Obamacare Co-Op Was Supposed to Make Money. Instead, It Lost Over $15 Million.

A Nevada health insurance provider that received more than $65 million in taxpayer-funded loans from the federal government announced last week that it is discontinuing operations at the end of the year.

The Nevada Health Co-Op will close its doors beginning Jan. 1 because of “challenging market conditions.” The co-op will be the third of the 23 consumer-oriented and operated plans created under Obamacare to shutter. (more…)

Program Helps Patients ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ Fighting Cancer

It’s a treat to get a makeover. But to Karen Weise, it’s something more.

Earlier this year, Weise found out she had breast cancer and started chemo-therapy.

“I knew that I’m going to probably lose my eyebrows, maybe lose my eye lashes and definitely lose my hair. I just wanted to find a way to maybe enhance my facial features while I was going through the hairloss,” said Weise. (more…)

Narrower Doctor Choices Coming For Obamacare And Employer Plans

As health care costs rise a bit faster than recent years, look for more health plans offered by employers and on public exchanges under the Affordable Care Act to pare their lists of doctor and hospital choices for 2016.

Health insurers are already disclosing plans to maintain their business on government run exchanges under the health law, but there will be more plans offered with more limited lists of doctors and hospitals, new reports indicate. The narrowing of provider networks comes at a time medical providers worry the proposed acquisition by Anthem (ANTM) of Cigna (CI) and the merger between Aetna (AET) and Humana (HUM) could lead to fewer choices. (more…)