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18 Physicians, 6 Advanced Practitioners

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Supporting Patient Advocacy

Dayton Physicians Network (DPN) provides greater Dayton, Ohio with committed, patient-centric cancer care, and offers support services for patients and their loved ones at seven practice locations throughout the Miami Valley. For more than a decade, this practice brings together comprehensive teams of multi-disciplinary oncologists, hematologists, and urologists to foster care in an ecosystem that nurtures direct communication between the physician, patient and their support system.

As recognized leaders in their respective fields, each DPN doctor utilizes state-of-the-art, groundbreaking technologies to deliver treatment options that exceed expectations in quality of care, scope of service, and cost-effectiveness. The support programs offered by the clinic cover a broad spectrum of patient needs, from chemotherapy classes to tobacco cessation courses.

DPN understands the national policy issues that hinder community oncology and uses this deep knowledge to motivate patients to join their community oncology advocacy efforts. By educating patients and their caregivers on the policies that play a direct role in their cancer care, physicians and practitioners go beyond their clinical roles, providing their patients the tools they need to be a cancer care advocate. Physicians in the network even provide monthly perspectives on cancer and urology care to keep patients continually updated.

DPN staff members demonstrate the best of cancer care advocacy through a variety of initiatives including joining fellow oncology advocates on Capitol Hill, hosting CPAN practice-based educational events, participating in clinical trials education days, and more. This blend of connection, advocacy, and quality care allows DPN to provide the care and treatment patients need, want, and deserve.

“DPN is successful because its team of physicians and advanced practitioners provide the best oncology care in the community. We’re constantly improving as oncologists and that helps us advocate for our patients and their support teams we serve.” – David Key, Medical Urologist 

“Our team members have deep commitment to a unique collaboration of resources and technologies that provide the very best care for all patients living in Ohio. – Charles L. Bane, Medical Oncologist