When policymakers understand what cancer patients experience during diagnosis and treatment at a community oncology practice, they’ll never forget the issues and the real people at stake. That’s the idea behind COA’s “Sit in My Chair” congressional event program, which showcases community oncology’s value with an influential audience.

What is “Sit in My Chair?”

Your practice formally invites a member of your congressional delegation (either one of your U.S. Senators or your representative in the U.S. House) for a “Sit in My Chair” appointment where he or she will register with staff, sit in your waiting room, receive a cancer diagnosis, walk through procedures with a nurse, and sit in a chemotherapy chair to ‘receive’ treatment.

Why Host a “Sit in My Chair?” Event?

This moving experience gives policymakers a real-world look at everything it takes to deliver community cancer care. It helps your practice build a relationship with members of Congress and strengthens COA’s ability to effectively advocate on behalf of community oncology.

Getting Started is Easy

Participation is easy – COA gives you everything you need, including a planning guide, invitations, template materials, key contacts, and other logistical support. First, use the invitation template in this toolkit. If your member of Congress cannot attend, request a staff member instead. The rest of the details are within.

Click here to download the "Sit in My Chair" toolkit

The best time to host a “Sit in My Chair” appointment is August, when policymakers are home from Washington, DC and expect to participate in local events. Congressional schedules fill up fast, so be sure to schedule your appointment with a local member of Congress as soon as possible, ideally in May or early June.

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