CPAN Augusta Oncology Chapter
Augusta, GA

3 locations

10 oncologists, 1 pharmacist, 3 physician assistants, and 18 nurses

3,000 new patients each year

Onsite pharmacy, diagnostic imaging, and financial counseling

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Supporting Patient Advocacy at Augusta Oncology

This physician-owned practice is committed to providing effective, convenient and compassionate care. The doctors, nurses, physician assistants and staff who work at Augusta Oncology see the bureaucracy their patients face, complicating and compromising their care, and are passionate about helping. Bureaucratic burdens do not help cancer patients. Augusta Oncology understands that.

This means assisting patients as they navigate all the challenges—medical, emotional, and financial—that come with a cancer diagnosis. As part of that, the practice team joined CPAN to give their patients a platform to leverage their voices and advocate before elected officials.

Being a part of the CPAN community allows Augusta Oncology to stand up for its patients, share their stories, and provide high-quality care that prioritizes health.

Whether it’s supporting patients as they advocate for community oncology on Capitol Hill or providing on-site financial counseling to help patients navigate difficult decisions, Augusta Oncology knows it’s all about making patients feel seen and heard.