Become a CPAN Advocate

Through the COA Patient Advocacy Network (CPAN) you can learn more about issues, join in advocacy, and make your voice heard.

Advocacy—a show of public support or opposition for a policy or cause—is an important part of the political process. Advocacy is a routine and expected part of decision making at every level of government, including at the federal, state, and local levels. It brings ordinary citizens into the policymaking process so that different viewpoints can be heard before government officials’ act.

Anyone with an opinion who has a willingness to express their views in a public setting can become an advocate. You are already an advocate! Policymakers want to hear from people who take the time to express their views. In many cases, they are the voices of real people just like you that are the deciding factor in how a public official casts his or her vote.

Advocates greatly enrich the policymaking process by making elected officials aware of benefits or consequences of proposals that they may not have fully appreciated without direct, public engagement.

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