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CPAN Advocacy Chat: The 2020 State of Cancer Survivorship

With over 17 million cancer survivors in the US, the November 2020 Advocacy Chat will provide insight into the perspectives on the cancer survivorship journey. Rose Gerber, COA’s Director of Patient Advocacy and Education, and

October 2020 News Bulletin and Updates

Some insurers require patients and oncologists to use drugs delivered by their preferred third-party pharmacies (also referred to as specialty pharmacies) or make patients face higher out-of-pocket costs. This is called "white" or "brown" bagging,

September 2020 News Bulletin and Updates

Cancer changes many aspects of a person’s life and can reduce income, free time, and more. That is why it is critical for patients with cancer to know about the wide array of emotional, financial,

August 2020 News Bulletin and Updates

What do real estate and cancer care have in common? Location, location, location. Where you receive cancer care can affect price, quality, your free time, and so much more. Join Rose Gerber, COA’s Director of