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CPAN Advocacy Chat: Paving the Path for a World Without Colon Cancer

March 10, 2021 12:00 PM ET What’s the second most common cause of cancer death in the US? Common answers include lung or breast cancer, but it’s actually a lesser discussed disease: colorectal cancer. Overall incidences of the disease are dropping, but cases are on the rise among young people ages 20-29, setting off alarm

Cancer Patients Worry Pandemic Will Impact Care

Battling cancer is tough in normal times, but many U.S. cancer survivors are concerned the coronavirus pandemic will interfere with their care and put their health at risk, a new study finds. "This study demonstrates the importance of clear communication between health care providers and patients experiencing concerns and uncertainties that may affect mental health

‘It’s a Scary Time’: Cancer Patients are Frustrated at States Making Them Wait for The COVID-19 Vaccine Despite Federal Guidelines

Tori Geib has tried to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, but stage 4 metastatic breast cancer forces her to frequently leave the house. She was recently accepted into a clinical trial three hours away from herOhio home, where she spends five days in the hospital every three weeks. In between clinical trial sessions, she ventures out three times

Despite Skeptics, At-Home Chemo Programs Continue Growing

In late June, Peter Guerrieri received a delivery at his row home in Marcus Hook, a small town 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia. The package had come right on time. Sixty minutes later, an oncology nurse showed up wearing a mask, gown, and gloves . She opened the package. Inside was a carefully wrapped bag

Bill Aims to Increase Drug-Price Transparency for TN Patients

Some state lawmakers want stricter regulations to ensure Tennesseans have access to affordable prescription drugs. Senate Bill 1617 would spotlight the role of pharmacy-benefit managers, the so-called "middlemen" who negotiate prices between drug makers, pharmacies and health insurers. The bill would prevent those managers from artificially inflating drug costs for health plans. Read the full

Race, Income, Education Affect Access to 3D Mammography

Women of minority races and ethnicities and with less education and income have had relatively lower access to 3D mammography, a technology that can improve breast cancer detection and decrease false alarms, according to research published today. “This study was about whether adoption of this technology is equitable. We're showing that it has not been,