CPAN New England Cancer Specialists Chapter – Maine & New Hampshire

Founded in 1978 – Four locations across Maine; one in New Hampshire

14 Physicians, 14 Advanced Practitioners, 3 Pharmacists

3,500 new patients a year 

financial navigators, pharmacy, imaging, survivorship planning & clinical trials

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Why We Advocate at NECS

New England Cancer Specialists (NECS) is focused on the future of community cancer care to ensure it remains accessible to patients for years to come. Whether it’s implementing an electronic health record to streamline patient data or advancing the latest medical technology and treatments, NECS is improving the patient experience and crafting personalized treatment plans designed to yield the best possible outcomes.

Advocating for community oncology through CPAN is an important way NECS engages its staff. Backed by a deep understanding of the treatment experience, its clinical leaders share their expertise with lawmakers to ensure policy decisions reflect the best interests of patients in New England.

NECS also empowers patients who want to stand up for community cancer care. With the support of COA and CPAN, NECS brings patients and families to Capitol Hill to meet with their federal elected officials. These powerful conversations bring a human face to what’s at stake, helping policymakers better appreciate patients’ experiences with cancer diagnosis and treatment. Making patients’ voices heard is what CPAN is all about.