Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates

Celebration of Life at Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates

Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates (CBCCA) excels as a local cancer care provider because of the strong relationships they build with patients and the high-power connections they hold with influential policymakers in Washington.

CBCCA’s annual Celebration of Life event connects patients, survivors, and staff to powerful policy leaders, with past speakers including Mick Mulvaney, Director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, and South Carolina Congressman Ralph Norman. Patients tell policymakers about the personalized treatment they received at CBCCA and offer hope to those still on their journey to survivorship.

CBCCA is a proud CPAN chapter because it recognizes the value of cancer care education to its patients’ well-being. Whether it’s meet and greet sessions with staff to discuss misunderstood oncology policy, hearing from oncologist experts about exciting new clinical trial options, or participating in a Celebration of Life event, the CPAN platform gives patients a vehicle to speak up and advocate for themselves, their oncologists, and the compassion engrained in their community oncology network.

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