Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology

The Impact of Advocacy at Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology

Not everyone knows the value of community oncology and what sets it apart from other care settings. That’s why Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology (FWMOH) joined CPAN. They saw the opportunity to join forces with like-minded community oncology advocates across the country and share how care teams deliver quality, affordable care to patients in need.

When a young patient with brain cancer needed a chemotherapy drug but couldn’t afford it, the FWMOH staff worked to ensure the pharmaceutical company provided the necessary financial support. The patient went on to be treated successfully. Stories like this highlight the commitment community oncologists make to their patients.

Since joining CPAN, the practice has engaged local employers in opportunities to learn about the benefits of community oncology for their employees, including affordable costs, quality care, and personalized treatment plans.

Even with 5,000 new patients each year, the doctors and staff at the practice take a personalized approach, often working to get patients the medicine they need even when there are financial barriers. It’s what makes the practice, and community oncology, truly special.

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