Genesis Cancer and Blood Institute

Supporting Patient Advocacy

Genesis Cancer Center offers affordable, convenient care to thousands of patients in Central Arkansas. Experience over the last 30 years has drawn Genesis to a patient-centered care delivery model. For example, Genesis asks friendly staff to answer every incoming patient phone call instead of relying on an automated system for appointment booking and other services. Speaking with a live person who can consult the patient’s medical history and coverage as needed and empathize with patients’ needs and feelings is a small but important way Genesis is enhancing its patient experience.

Genesis’ oncologists offer the latest treatment options, clinical trials, and education while creating an inviting and comforting atmosphere. Genesis’ physicians and clinicians are known for rearranging their schedules to accommodate new patients in any of their eight locations, ensuring high-quality care even in rural and remote areas of Arkansas.

Staff members take time to participate in CPAN because they understand the importance of community oncology and want to make sure practices like Genesis are able to continue providing the highest quality care for all patients, even in rural, remote, or underserved areas. Genesis oncologists are steadfast advocates for their patients every day: in their waiting and examination rooms, on the phone with insurance companies, at the Statehouse in Little Rock, and in the halls of Congress.

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