New Mexico Cancer Center

The Impact of Advocacy at NMCC

Few patients are so inspired by their medical care that they join a community oncology foundation after recovering from cancer. That is exactly what one woman did after receiving compassionate treatment from a medical team operating the only community oncology practice in New Mexico.

She began being treated at NMCC after receiving care at a large hospital where she felt she was “just treated” with little explanation. Now she finds ways to give back to other patients through the New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation.

Serving a rural and diverse population, NMCC joined CPAN to unite with other practices that are committed to serving patients in settings outside of the hospital. This provides the care team with a national network to discuss how best to deliver top-notch care with local perspective and comfort.

To NMCC, community oncology is much more than medical care. It’s a home for patients to feel welcomed and supported during treatment, survivorship, and everything in between.

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