Tennessee Oncology

Supporting Patient Advocacy

As one of the largest groups of community-based cancer specialists in the nation, Tennessee Oncology offers high-quality cancer care and expertise to tens of thousands of patients across the state. For 35 years, Tennessee Oncology has advanced clinical research and cancer care, ensuring targeted treatments and oncology care are available to all Tennesseans without the strain of long-distance travel.

Tennessee Oncology’s clinical trial network offers exposure to the latest treatment options and education, delivering premium, world-class treatments in the community.

Staff members team up with CPAN because they understand how critical community oncology is for patients in Tennessee and want to preserve it for their benefit. Using educational tools to motivate patients to advocacy, Tennessee Oncology puts the spotlight on national policy issues that negatively impact patient care locally.

For example, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) have proven to be a challenging component of the oncology landscape in Tennessee that add financial burden and unforeseen difficulty for patients. CPAN provides resources for Tennessee Oncology staff to educate patients about the drawbacks of PBMs, advocates to reduce unexpected out-of-pocket costs and makes sure that the cancer care patients require is available when it’s needed.

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