Texas Oncology

Why We Advocate at Texas Oncology

With an expansive network of practices across booming urban cities and rural towns alike, Texas Oncology sees about half of all Texans with cancer.

It’s clear that the community oncology landscape is rapidly changing. What hasn’t changed is that this practice continues to provide patients with high-quality, cutting-edge, and personal cancer care, all while staying close to home. The practice staff knows that patients are better served in their own community because it’s not just about treating cancer; it’s about taking care of the whole person.

It’s a meaningful time to be a part of community oncology. But, it’s also a tumultuous time as new and emerging public policies and payer business practices affect community oncologists’ ability to care for patients.

Texas Oncology understands that decisions made in Washington, D.C., and Texas state capital Austin can trickle down to have real-life effects on patients and their cancer treatment options. Through regular education sessions hosted by CPAN leaders, including Texas Oncology Executive Vice President Debra Patt, MD, advocates work to support legislation and policy that save cancer patients money, while eliminating barriers to life-saving community-based cancer care.

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