Cancer Center of Middle Georgia

Advocating for Rural America

At Cancer Center of Middle Georgia (CCMG), medical oncologist and hematologist Dr. Harsha Vyas is a driving factor behind its CPAN Chapter’s success. From his experience advocating for policies that promote affordable cancer care nationally, he knows that engaging his clinical team and administrative staff in grassroots advocacy opens new doors and provides a voice for the rural cancer patients who walk through the clinic’s doors.

CCMG’s staff and clinical teams have a clear understanding of the regulations and policies that harm their patients. CPAN gives them the forum and voice to question prior authorizations that can severely delay critical treatment, and better navigate a complicated payment system.

Dr. Vyas and chapter leader Amber Jenkins were selected to represent our strong CPAN advocates and supporters. From meetings on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC  to leading CPAN meetings at their cancer center, they are truly ADVOCATES FOR THE CARE. They share their patients’ stories directly with senators, asking for policy support to keep community oncology practices financially stable, thriving, and able to serve patients who depend on local cancer care. With their “roll up your sleeves and get to work” mentality, the CPAN CCMG Chapter does its part to ensure lawmakers know the value of personalized, high-quality, affordable community oncology care provided by local practices serving rural America.

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