Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute (OCSRI)

The Impact of Advocacy at OCSRI

Cancer treatment is personal.

As citizens of greater Tulsa, the Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute (OCSRI) physicians and healthcare workers know this well. When they see patients, they’re providing their neighbors, friends, community leaders, church members, and family with high-quality, comprehensive care.

OCSRI, a physician-owned community oncology practice that cares for 10,000 new patients each year, offers more than cost-effective care. As an active clinical research site, OCSRI offers state-of-the-art treatments driven by the most up-to-date standards and diagnostic techniques.

As a part of the CPAN community, OCSRI knows that patients are the most effective advocates for their care and vital voices for legislative change, and their voices must be heard.

Using feedback from CPAN and its Patient Advisory Board, OCSRI prioritizes honest discussion among clinical teams, patients, and their caregivers.

Whether it’s discussing what’s working, or understanding patient challenges, OCSRI knows community oncology is about listening and making patients the center of their own care.

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