Regional Cancer Care

Supporting Patient Advocacy

Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA) believes that overcoming cancer requires commitment. Though it is one of the largest oncology networks in the United States, RCCA takes a uniquely personal, community-based approach to cancer care. This enables the RCCA team to provide high-quality, compassionate treatment options for all individuals and their support systems, embracing an engaging, interactive communication approach. Creating a custom-built treatment plan relies on a deep understanding of the patient’s unique symptoms and medical history. Building relationships that facilitate honest communication between the patient and the oncologist is at the heart of RCCA’s practice.

The RCCA team regularly conducts more than 300 clinical trials to stay on the leading edge of cancer treatment and technologies. By offering these trials, the practice contributes to the development of more effective and efficient means for diagnosing and treating disease.

Staff members engage CPAN to help mobilize advocates to speak out about the value of community oncology, raising awareness of issues complicating cancer care delivery and the health implications of bad policies on patients. RCCA oncologists are always dedicated to patients’ well-being. Their participation in community oncology advocacy benefits the profession, treatment development, and most importantly, the patient.

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