Arlene C.

Ovarian Cancer

I was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer in January 2018. Dr. Robert Wenham performed debulking surgery at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, he is also an oncologist. I intended to have him be my oncologist. Traveling to Tampa was extremely stressful but I was willing to do it. Dr. Wenham urged me to consider an oncologist closer to home, he felt that patients soon tire of the trip to Tampa and would rather find an oncologist closer to home. He felt it was important that a patient stays with the same oncologist throughout treatment. He recommended Dr. Gregoire Bergier at Florida Cancer Specialists, Clearwater – five minutes from home.

It was the best decision we ever made on this long and continued journey into remission and maintenance. Dr. Bergier has been so accessible, quickly returning text messages or phone calls – yes Dr. Bergier gave me his number; something I don’t think would have happened at Moffitt. Cancer is stressful, having Florida Cancer Specialists just around the corner has made it less so.

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