John S.

Pancreatic Cancer

My name is John E. Sanders and I was treated at Augusta Oncology by Dr. Miriam Atkins for Pancreatic Cancer, stage 2. The mass was located on the head of my pancreas. A biopsy was performed and John Hopkins University confirmed the mass was malignant. So, I prayed and asked God for guidance and I went to Duke Cancer Center for surgery, where the Whipple procedure was performed successfully.

Afterwards, I needed to start an aggressive chemotherapy treatment as soon as possible for about a year. The problem was that I lived in North Augusta, SC, which was about 6 hours away from Duke Cancer Center.  My oncologist at Duke Cancer Center said it would be too hard for me to drive 6 hours every 2 weeks for a year for chemo. He asked me if I had a cancer treatment facility closer to home.  Augusta Oncology was where I got my chemotherapy treatments. I am grateful for Augusta Oncology Clinic!

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