Debra K.

Breast Cancer

Stage two invasive ductal carcinoma was diagnosed in December 2009.

I became involved in advocacy work right after my surgery after realizing the importance of support in every direction. Now I find myself leaving Georgia after 25 years, and heading home to Florida where I was born and raised. I cannot leave before I thank every doctor, every nurse, and closest to my heart, my advocacy group, here at Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers in Marietta Ga. Susanne Johnson Berns and all the men and women who minimized my fears, through listening to me, who allowed me to hear their stories, and ultimately became precious friends. I have said it’s not so much we share cancer, as much as the quality of their hearts and spirit to heal the aloneness of the disease. I have witnessed grace in the face of loss. Thank you all, from COA, and my friends for making this trip through cancer a little less scary, with warmth and hope. Florida, get ready. Debs coming home.

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