Diane O.

Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed in March 2007 with breast cancer. Following surgery to remove the cancer, I met with my oncologist to determine the best course of treatment. We looked at data for the possibilities of recurrence to assist in the decision-making. We also decided to include genomic testing of the tumor. The result of our review and testing was a decision to move forward with 4 rounds of chemotherapy. Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers is approximately two miles from my home.

As stressful as the cancer journey had been up until this point, the close proximity of the center helped to reduce the overall level. Whether for a visit with my oncologist or treatment, I did not have to fight the Atlanta traffic driving for miles to one of the other hospitals in the city. I saw the same staff members during every visit and they were always a comfort to me with their smiles and encouragement. I suffered an anaphylactic reaction during my first round of chemo. My doctor was out of town but her backup came immediately from his office down the hall to discuss what had taken place and what the next step should be. Although he had not treated me, I knew him from the center and felt confident in his analysis. He was a member of the professional team that I had come to know and trust with my life. My medical bills were covered by my insurance with a minimal amount of co-pay. I was very pleased with my experience at the community cancer clinic of Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers and still am today as I go back for my annual examinations.

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