Diane W.

Multiple Cancers

Hi, my name is Diane and since 1985 I have been a Cancer Conqueror.  Yes, I know the common term is Survivor but I don’t believe I’m that. I fought all 9 and won.  I’m not in denial, I know that one of them is going to take me down but until that time I’ll keep fighting, laughing, and enjoying life.  I’m extremely protective of my body parts the ones they have taken and the ones they want to take so I try to keep myself in “fighting” shape when another has to go.  It’s the German & Yankee Spirit in me not to give up. My oncologist Dr. Gould with Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers, has been my Dr. since 1995 and has helped me with his understanding & knowledge. I have helped him with my attitude. Cancer is a Teacher!!! It educates you, it teaches you who your friends are, changes your attitude, and gives you the patience to overcome most obstacles and Dr. Gould helps you through the education process.

I am a Happily Divorced Woman of over 40 years and raised 3 educated and highly successful children by myself.  Are they my support group??? That question was so hard for me to answer because I live alone, I go to treatments, tests and Dr. visits alone, and that’s the way I prefer it. But, if there is a problem, a snap of the finger and they’re all here to help me.  Not only can I count on them but also my 7 Grandchildren and 2 Grandsons in law. I’m a very spoiled and loved Woman.

Instead of fearing cancer, I highly respect it.  My Cancers are so numerous I had to put them in Word to keep track along with the dates and all surgeries involved.

I am very active with the Loving Arms Outreach group and work with them to help other Cancer patients.  I also meet with an Ostomy Association group once a month.   I consider myself the low “man” on the totem pole with this group so I absorb all of their experiences.   I deliver Meals on Wheels once a week for shut-ins and have been doing that for about 5 years and I also clean houses. When I have extra time I exercise at my Hospital’s “Health Place”. I enjoy my Cardio workout classes with my many friends.

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