Patrica T.

Breast Cancer

I am one of the lucky ones. My tumor was suspected and confirmed through the efforts of my trusted gynecologist, whom I had been seeing for decades. Small tumor, stage one…best case scenario. I was directed to Northwest Georgia Oncology Center In Kennesaw Georgia. I can still hear my doctor’s words: “Pat, they are second to none”. We met with Dr. Michael Andrews and confidently went forward. Timing is everything. The very day I began treatment, a funeral was held for a dear friend (son’s mother-in-law) who fought valiantly and lost her battle with breast cancer. The following week, my husband lost his job of thirty years. The stress was mounting. As my immediate family was unavailable emotionally, I will be eternally grateful to NGOC for the quality of care I received. The practice is not small, yet I was often made to feel like I was the most important patient that day. For five years, I saw the same two doctors, PA and for the most part, other clinical people. Not having access to this setting seems unimaginable. A long commute to Atlanta, the possibility of different doctors and staff at each visit… I sincerely feel that having access to treatment so close to home contributed to my mental and physical recovery.

Cancer-free 12 years…one of the lucky ones.

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