Colleen Griffin


I was treated by Dr. Jeanna Knoble at the Zangmeister Cancer Center in Columbus, OH for Stage 3A urethral cancer, a rare type of bladder cancer. Because the cancer had spread to the groin lymph nodes, I required four rounds of systemic chemotherapy with cisplatin/gemzar prior to my radical cystectomy in August 2022. Being treated for cancer during COVID was quite difficult, and the convenience of having the lab, infusion center, CT scan, and physician in one location was a wonderful gift.

I am so fortunate to receive care in a community cancer center where I learn the results of my follow-up labs and CT scans immediately. The center is easy to access, parking is free and plentiful, and the staff are caring and competent. I am a person, not a number, at the Zangmeister Cancer Center.

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