Randy M.

Prostate Cancer

I never thought that I would have cancer. I knew that many people will have cancer in their lives, but I never really thought that it would come to me. After the shock of the diagnosis, I firmly committed to beating it and becoming a survivor. I guess that my background in the military and law enforcement taught me to have a survival “junkyard dog” attitude. I believed in fighting the enemy to the last breath. This time cancer was the enemy.

As bad as cancer has been, it has given me knowledge, understanding, and experience that I would not have had otherwise. I have come to the understanding that each day, no matter how challenging or difficult, is to be enjoyed and savored. Even little things are a big deal. I have met many wonderful people who, like me, are dealing with this thing called cancer. I have been blessed to assist others who are trying to deal with cancer in their lives.

To others who are battling cancer I would like to say, fight the good fight. Never let fear take over your life. There are so many who love and support you. You are never really alone. Support others as they support you.

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