Sherry M.

Breast Cancer

My cell phone rang as I sat in the school pickup line. I had to get my daughter her flu shot, dinner, drop her off at gymnastics and then get her to her ball game in the next two hours. The lady on the phone said that I had to have a biopsy of a suspicious mass in my right breast. I have worked in oncology for over 30 years, and I knew there would be many questions, decisions, treatments, and challenges in the next months. But, I was still a working mother of teenage daughters and I was determined not to let this disrupt their lives. Traveling far and fighting traffic was not acceptable to me since the cancer was the only thing I planned to fight with ferocity.

The top-notch care I received in my community at Tennessee Oncology, was the option I chose because my daughters had many more proms, practices, and ballgames that I wasn’t going to miss.

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