Daily Oncology News Alerts

In Cancer Cost Debate, It’s Oncologist vs. Oncologist (8/4/2015) - The rising cost of cancer care is attributed to skyrocketing drug prices by some oncologists, but an organization made up of community-based cancer doctors argues that providers should be addressing the overall cost of cancer care, not just the price of chemotherapy and medications. What drives the cost of cancer care? A group of prominent […]
Effective Ovarian Cancer Treatment Is Underused, Study Finds (8/4/2015) - In 2006, the National Cancer Institute took the rare step of issuing a “clinical announcement,” a special alert it holds in reserve for advances so important that they should change medical practice. In this case, the subject was ovarian cancer. A major study had just proved that pumping chemotherapy directly into the abdomen, along with […]
AMA Wants Doctor Input on EHRs, Meaningful Use (8/4/2015) - The American Medical Association (AMA) is encouraging clinicians to share their perspectives on electronic heath records (EHRs) and the meaningful use program. Although more than 80% of physicians have implemented some form of EHR system, most are not getting what they expected from the technology, according to a viewpost issued by the AMA’s president, Steven […]
Biomarker Discovery Offers ‘Glimmer of Hope’ For Women with Aggressive Breast Cancer (8/4/2015) - Triple-negative breast cancer is one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer. It has few treatment options, making the prognosis poor for affected women. But these women may now have a “glimmer of hope,” after researchers reveal they have identified a potential drug target for the disease. Study co-author Sam Thiagalingam, associate professor of […]
Anderson Introduces New Lung Cancer Screening (8/3/2015) - Physicians at Anderson Regional Medical Center are making a difference when it comes to lung cancer detection. Lung cancer is often left undiagnosed until the late stages when it may have spread to other areas, but a new low dose CT lung screening is helping many patients have a better outcome. “Once a person develops […]
This Cancer Drug May be Our Best Hope Yet For Eliminating HIV Once and For All (8/3/2015) - Your body is a reservoir for bacteria and viruses as much as it is a bag of your own cells. Some of these are disease-causing agents, lurking in waiting for an opportunity to attack. This is a huge problem for those with HIV, the virus that eventually leads to AIDS. Take the case of the […]
New Cocktails To Test Limits of Cancer Drug Pricing (8/3/2015) - New cancer drug cocktails set to reach the market in the next few years will test the limits of premium pricing for life-saving medicines, forcing company executives to consider fresh market strategies. The growing reluctance of governments and private insurers to fund very expensive drugs – even remarkably effective ones – points to a showdown […]
Scientists Suggest New Way to Predict Lung Cancer Risk (8/3/2015) - They focused on telomere length, discovered association Scientists may some day predict lung cancer risk by examining the telomeres that protect your DNA. People with long telomeres are at increased risk for lung cancer but not other types of cancer, the researchers found. Telomeres are protective caps of DNA that prevent damage to the ends […]