Daily Oncology News Alerts

Getting a Jump on Ovarian Cancer (9/30/2014) - In July 2013, Ivanna Vidal learned she carried a mutation in one of her genes, the BRCA2 gene, that increases the risk of breast and ovarian cancers. About a year later, she was found to have a mass in her right ovary just months after an ovarian cancer screening came back negative. Last month, during […]
Merck Immunotherapy Drug Shows Promise in Bladder Cancer (9/30/2014) - (Reuters) – Merck & Co’s new immune system drug Keytruda has produced encouraging results in early tests against bladder cancer, according to a company-sponsored study, prompting the firm to prepare a clinical trial later this year. Keytruda is the first in a new wave of immune-boosting medicines to be approved for treating melanomas in the […]
Scientists Detect Early Sign of Pancreatic Cancer (9/30/2014) - Researchers say they’ve identified a sign of early development of pancreatic cancer, a leading cause of cancer death. And, they add, their discovery might lead one day to a new test to detect the disease in its initial and more treatable stages. The early sign is an increase in levels of certain amino acids, and […]
Phase III Trial Data Suggest Potential New Treatment Strategies for Prostate Cancer (9/30/2014) - In the last few years we witnessed the approval of several new agents for metastatic prostate cancer that have resulted in improved overall survival (OS) Currently, androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) remains a central part of treatment for patients with high-risk non-metastatic and also metastatic prostate cancer. Despite the generally good response of metastatic disease to […]
In War on Cancer, Patients At Risk of Becoming Commoditized (9/29/2014) - Over the past 40 years, the global medical community has made significant strides in the war against cancer. More Americans with cancer face longer life expectancies as a result of increased awareness among at-risk populations, better preventative care, early screenings, and new therapies. Furthermore, when patients have access to quality cancer care the odds of […]
Roche Breast Cancer Drug Perjeta Appears to Greatly Extend Patients’ Lives (9/29/2014) - A drug used to treat advanced breast cancer has had what appears to be unprecedented success in prolonging lives in a clinical trial, researchers reported on Sunday. Patients who received the drug — Perjeta, from the Swiss drug maker Roche — had a median survival time nearly 16 months longer than those in the control […]
Pfizer Proven Miracle To Fight Against ROS1 Lung Cancer Through Xalkori (9/29/2014) - In annual congress of European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) in Madrid the researchers presented the study describing Xalkori as a wonder drug. The drug Xalkori manufactured by Pfizer Incorporation is new in the market and is made to treat a rare type of lung cancer- the non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). A clinical […]
Cancer Drugs Fund ‘Undermines NHS Rule that All Patients Equal’ (9/26/2014) - The Government fund that pays for life-extending drugs for terminally ill cancer patients “undermines” the NHS principle that all patients are equal, and gives a “perverse incentive” to drug companies to keep their prices high, a healthcare finance expert has claimed. John Appleby, chief economist at the influential King’s Fund think tank, said that using […]