Daily Oncology News Alerts

Studies Find Cancer Medicines May Cure Facilities’ Bottom Line As Well As Patients’ Cancer (10/30/2014) - Two studies examined spending on oral anticancer drugs as well as the 340B program, a federal program designed to help the poor. The researchers say 340B designation helps hospitals boost profits. The first study, led by Rena M. Conti, PhD, of the University of Chicago in Illinois, examines recent trends in spending and use of […]
Google Developing a Pill That Would Detect Cancer and Other Diseases (10/30/2014) - LAGUNA BEACH, California — Google is attempting to develop a pill that would send microscopic particles into the bloodstream in an effort to identify cancers, imminent heart attacks, and other diseases. Andrew Conrad, the head of life sciences inside the company’s Google X research lab, revealed the project on Tuesday morning at a conference here […]
A New Cancer Drug Worked In Over 50% Of Patients In A Phase II Trial (10/30/2014) - A new cancer drug benefited 51% of stage III and IV melanoma patients during a phase II trial, achieving complete response (total cancer disappearance) in 26% during the treatment period. That was all in just 16 weeks of treatment, suggesting this drug has great potential for treating certain cancers in the future. During the study, […]
Therapy Treats Lung Cancer Based on Patients’ Genetic Markers (10/30/2014) - A new type of clinical trial for lung cancer patients getting under way at hospitals in the Bay Area and around the country may change the way drugs are tested in the future. That’s a pretty bold expectation, but researchers say the study — called the Lung Cancer Master Protocol, or Lung-MAP — will do […]
COA Holds Landmark Summit on Cancer Care Payment Reform (10/29/2014) - COA held the inaugural Payer Exchange Summit on Oncology Payment Reform on October 22, 2014 in Washington D.C. Over 120 community oncology providers and payers, including private and federal insurers, as well as industry representatives, attended the information exchange. During this landmark, national forum, provider and payer teams discussed what has worked, what has not, […]
Hospital Associations Send Letter to Genentech Protesting Switch to Specialty Distribution (10/29/2014) - Genentech has switched its distribution for top cancer drugs from wholesalers to specialty drug distributors, the same system used by community cancer clinics. Hospitals are crying foul over the switch for several reasons, including losing wholesaler discounts. Read the letter here sent by a group of hospital associations.       
Over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges (10/29/2014) - Over 214,000 doctors won’t participate in the new plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA,) analysis of a new survey by Medical Group Management Association shows. That number of 214,524, estimated by American Action Forum, is through May 2014, but appears to be growing due to plans that force doctors to take on burdensome costs. […]
Hospitals Furious at Cancer-Drug Price Hikes (10/28/2014) - Some of the nation’s hospitals are seriously ticked off at Genentech, the San Francisco biotech firm, for implementing a stealth price hike for three critical cancer drugs. On September 16, Genentech told hospitals and oncology clinics that as of October 1, they can only buy Avastin, Herceptin and Rituxan—three of the biggest weapons in the […]