Daily Oncology News Alerts

Happy Thanksgiving to All! (11/26/2014) - Everyone with COA and CPAN wishes you all the best during this holiday of thanks. We’ll return with the latest breaking, most important news on Monday following Thanksgiving.
Why Private-Practice Oncologists are Dwindling (11/26/2014) - Dive Brief: Oncologists say the reason they are being forced to sell or close their practices is because insurers have severely reduced payments to them and because the drugs they buy and sell to patients are now so expensive. But when a doctor is affiliated with a hospital, patients end up paying an average $134 more […]
Roche’s Genentech Defends Supply Shift for Top Cancer Drugs (11/26/2014) - (Reuters) – Genentech, U.S. biotech unit of Roche Holding, faces growing pressure over a decision to allow only a handful of distributors to supply three of the world’s most widely used cancer drugs, a move that prominent hospitals say will create delays and raise costs. Genentech in October began distributing Avastin, Herceptin and Rituxan to […]
Private Oncologists Being Forced Out, Leaving Patients to Face Higher Bills (11/25/2014) - When Dr. Jeffery Ward, a cancer specialist, and his partners sold their private practice to the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, the hospital built them a new office suite 50 yards from the old place. The practice was bigger, but Dr. Ward saw the same patients and provided chemotherapy just like before. On the surface, […]
Lawmakers Look for Ways to Provide Relief for Rising Cost of Generic Drugs (11/25/2014) - With the prices for some common generic medicines soaring over the past 18 months, state and federal lawmakers are trying to find relief for patients struggling to pay. On Thursday, a Senate panel convened to investigate price increases for generic drugs. Separately, Senators Amy Klobuchar and John McCain will revive stalled legislation to allow some […]
More Medicine Goes Off Limits in Drug-Price Showdown (11/25/2014) - Steve Miller is waging war on high-priced medicine, guiding decisions to ban drugs from the health plans of millions of Americans and sending companies reeling in a $270 billion market. He and his colleagues at Express Scripts Holding Co. (ESRX) say they are just getting started. Miller is chief medical officer for the company, which […]
Some Experts Dispute Claims Of Looming Doctor Shortage (11/25/2014) - You hear it so often it’s almost a cliché: The nation is facing a serious shortage of doctors, particularly doctors who practice primary care, in the coming years. But is that really the case? Many medical groups, led by the Association of American Medical Colleges, say there’s little doubt. “We think the shortage is going […]
Feds to Employers: Hospital Coverage is no Longer Optional (11/25/2014) - Federal health officials are moving to stop some employers from cutting hospital coverage in the health insurance they provide under ObamaCare. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said that firms with 50 or more employees must offer hospital benefits as part of their workers’ health plans in order to comply with the law. […]