Daily Oncology News Alerts

Tentative Deal Reached on VA Health Care Reform (7/28/2014) - The chairmen of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees have reached a tentative agreement on a plan to improve veterans’ health care. Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., scheduled a news conference Monday to talk about a compromise plan to fix a veterans’ health program scandalized by long patient wait times […]
Promising Cancer Drug Fails to Slow Breast Cancer (7/28/2014) - Researchers had hoped to add breast cancer to the list of cancers for which the drug is already approved A Phase 3 trial of cancer drug Nexavar in patients with advanced breast cancer failed to delay progression of the disease, according to the drug’s makers, Bayer and Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an Amgen subsidiary. The study, called Reslience, […]
When Hospitals Buy Clinics, Prices Go Up (7/25/2014) - For the past four years, Pennsylvania insurance company Highmark has watched its bills for cancer care skyrocket. The increase wasn’t because of new drugs being prescribed or a spike in diagnoses. Instead, the culprit was a change that had nothing to do with care: Previously independent oncology clinics and private practices have been acquired by […]
Can Big Data Cure Cancer? (7/25/2014) - A tale of two twenty-something computer whizzes, a mountain of money from Google, and one of the oldest, most vexing problems of all time. You’ve heard the story before. A couple of whiz kids meet at an elite college, bond over their love of computers, and after a few late-night hacking sessions, build a website […]
The drug that’s forcing America’s most important – and uncomfortable – health-care debate (7/25/2014) - Months before Gilead Sciences’ breakthrough hepatitis C treatment hit the market, Oregon Medicaid official Tom Burns started worrying about how the state could afford to cover every enrollee infected with the disease. He figured the cost might even reach $36,000 per patient. Then the price for the drug was released last December: $84,000 for a […]
Outpatient Departments More Costly Than Doc Offices (7/24/2014) - Do hospitals hire physicians for the noble-sounding goal of “partnering” or “aligning,” or is it sometimes the prospect of an easy buck? A new study from the National Institute for Health Care Reform (NIHCR) suggests that the easy buck helps explain the current wave of practice acquisitions by hospitals. Researchers found that hospital outpatient departments […]
Specialists Drive Overtreatment of Low-Risk Prostate Cancer (7/24/2014) - VITALS Key clinical point: Patients with low-risk prostate cancer receive widely divergent treatment advice, based on specialists’ preferences above patient characteristics or evidence.Major finding: A large database analysis showed that primary androgen deprivation therapy failed to improve either overall or disease-specific survival at 5 years or 15 years in men with low-risk prostate cancer. In another study, […]
APNewsBreak: Medicaid Enrollees Strain Oregon (7/24/2014) - Low-income Oregon residents were supposed to be big winners after the state expanded Medicaid under the federal health care overhaul and created a new system to improve the care they received. But an Associated Press review shows that an unexpected rush of enrollees has strained the capacity of the revamped network that was endorsed as […]