Daily Oncology News Alerts

Arming the Immune System Against Cancer (3/4/2015) - James P. Allison is the chairman of the immunology department at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. His seminal research opened up a new field in cancer treatment: immunotherapy. Instead of poisoning a tumor or destroying it with radiation, Dr. Allison has pioneered ways to unleash the immune system to destroy […]
Legislation Targets Cancer-Drug Disparity (3/4/2015) - Brandon resident Jennifer Burrell-Richards pays $1,300 monthly for an oral chemotherapy drug that, if it were available intravenously, would cost her just $35. That’s because her health insurance plan, like many others, treats self-administered and physician-administered drugs differently, creating a financial disparity that health advocates seek to end with a bill before the Legislature.
Promising New Strategy to Halt Pancreatic Cancer Metastasis (3/4/2015) - Pancreatic cancer and its metastases might have their days numbered, according to a study published in The Journal of Experimental Medicine. Despite substantial progress in treating pancreatic cancer, this disease is still considered largely incurable. The poor prognosis is mostly due to metastases to other vital organs, a process driven by soluble factors present in […]
Making Strides Against Kidney Cancer (3/3/2015) - Join with the AACR to find better ways to prevent and treat kidney cancer. Kidney cancer is among the most common cancers in the U.S., with nearly 64,000 new diagnoses and nearly 14,000 deaths in 2014, according to federal estimates. Also known as renal cancer, kidney cancer is often treated with surgery to remove all […]
Terminal Cancer Care Should Do More to Treat Depression (3/3/2015) - Depression could be clouding the last 24 hours of life for a significant number of people with advanced cancer, pointing to a need for better – and earlier – psychological help, according to a large study in The Netherlands. Although it’s challenging to tease apart depression symptoms from the pain, fatigue and cognitive problems associated […]
Congress Should Fix the ‘Doc Fix’ For Good (3/3/2015) - It’s almost time for spring cleaning. But what if I told you this annual drudgery was unnecessary?  I wish I could; we all wish there was a permanent fix to the clutter that inevitably accumulates over the course of the year. But there’s another annual ritual – a Congressional vote on the so-called “Doc Fix” […]
Ryan, Kline, And Upton Unveil More Specifics About Obamacare Supreme Court Contingency Plans (3/3/2015) - Yesterday, three key Republican senators on health care issues published an op-ed in which they outlined the broad principles of how they would address potential outcomes in the big Obamacare Supreme Court case, King v. Burwell. Today, three House Republican leaders—Paul Ryan (Wisc.), John Kline (Minn.), and Fred Upton (Mich.)—unveiled their own plan, with important […]
‘Liquid Biopsies’ Could Revolutionize Cancer Detection (3/2/2015) - In the next year or two, doctors will begin routinely monitoring cancer using a potentially revolutionary technique that searches for a genetic signature in a blood sample, according to experts in the field. The new method, known as a “liquid biopsy,” holds the promise of detecting the reappearance of cancer much earlier and more accurately […]