Daily Oncology News Alerts

Too Much Screening? Patients with Limited Life Expectancy Still Getting Cancer Tests (8/20/2014) - Overscreening offers little benefit, potential harm and high costs, new studies conclude. Older people and those with limited life expectancy – as little as five years — often get cancer screenings that likely won’t help and could cause harm, despite national guidelines that recommend against them. That’s the consensus of two studies and a commentary […]
NIH Announces The Launch Of 3 Integrated Precision Medicine Trials (8/19/2014) - ALCHEMIST is for patients with certain types of early-stage lung cancer The Adjuvant Lung Cancer Enrichment Marker Identification and Sequencing Trials, or ALCHEMIST, was launched today to identify early-stage lung cancer patients with tumors that harbor certain uncommon genetic changes and evaluate whether drug treatments targeted against those changes can lead to improved survival. “We believe that the findings from ALCHEMIST will […]
Cancer Screenings Common Among Older, Sick Americans (8/19/2014) - BY ANDREW M. SEAMAN Despite potential risks and limited benefits, many Americans are still screened for cancers toward the end of their lives, according to a new study. Up to half of older people in the U.S. received cancer screenings even though there was a high likelihood that they would die within nine years without […]
Nonprofit Hospitals at a Tipping Point From Mounting Challenges (8/18/2014) - By Robin Respaut Small and stand-alone nonprofit hospitals are facing mounting pressure from weak operating margins and lower patient volumes, with more signals of stress on the way, according a report released Wednesday from Standard & Poor’s Rating Services. The rating agency warned the healthcare sector was at “a tipping point where negative forces have […]
Medical ‘Self-Referral’ Practice Raises Conflict of Interest Questions (8/18/2014) - A north Phoenix radiation clinic owned by urologists who refer prostate-cancer patients there for an expensive type of radiation therapy collected more from Medicare in 2012 than any other similar provider in Arizona. Located in a nondescript business center on 19th Avenue just north of Loop 101, the Arizona Prostate Cancer Center specializes in a […]
Extra Mastectomy May Not Extend Life For Some Breast Cancer Patients (8/18/2014) - BY KATHRYN DOYLE For some women with early stage breast cancer, removing the healthy breast likely doesn’t afford much of a survival benefit, according to a new study. “A lot of women with cancer in one breast decide to have both breasts removed to try to improve their survival or life expectancy,” said senior author […]
Grant Aids St. Francis With New Cancer Treatment (8/18/2014) - An alliance of health care providers in South Carolina and four other states will share $14.8 million from the National Cancer Institute to investigate new cancer treatments and increase access to clinical trials. The partners, which include Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System and AnMed Health in Anderson, are all members […]
Nice Decision on Prostate Cancer Drug is a ‘Kick In The Teeth’ For Patients (8/15/2014) - Charity and scientists criticise drug approval body for not offering abiraterone to sufferers until after chemotherapy  The decision not to offer a life-extending drug to prostate cancer sufferers until after they have received chemotherapy is a “kick in the teeth” for patients, a charity has said. Prostate Cancer UK said the drug could offer men […]