Daily Oncology News Alerts

Medicaid Acceptance by Healthcare Providers Drops to 1-out-of-3 (2/27/2015) - Drop in Medicaid acceptance occurs as reimbursement rates decline for primary care physicians in many states When HealthPocket first investigated Medicaid acceptance in 2013, it found that only 43% of the healthcare providers examined were formally listed as accepting Medicaid.1 Since the original 2013 study, Medicaid enrollment has continued to rise as the Affordable Care […]
Hospitals Mount Campaign Against Site-Neutral Medicare Payments (2/27/2015) - Hospital leaders are working to head off any momentum in Congress toward overhauling Medicare rates to pay hospitals the same for outpatient services as the program pays for the same services in physician offices. The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission has pushed site-neutral payment policies for years. The panel will make the same recommendation to lawmakers […]
A Faster Way to Try Many Drugs on Many Cancers (2/26/2015) - Chemotherapy and radiation failed to thwart Erika Hurwitz’s rare cancer of white blood cells. So her doctors offered her another option, a drug for melanoma. The result was astonishing. Within four weeks, a red rash covering her body, so painful she had required a narcotic patch and the painkiller OxyContin, had vanished. Her cancer was […]
Top 5 Health Care Trends to Watch in 2015 (2/26/2015) - With a new Congress, health care is once again an issue of tremendous scrutiny and debate. Many of the federal policy debates in 2015 will be largely symbolic, resulting in little more than tweaks to existing law. However, health care policy is not just a matter for Congress to consider. A range of issues will […]
Payment Reform Action Plan: Meeting the New Medicare Payment Reform Target (2/26/2015) - The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, included a variety of reforms intended to lay the groundwork for a fundamental shift in how our nation pays for health care, with the goal of rewarding quality, improving outcomes, and containing the growth in costs. Traditionally, as is the case today, most health care payments are made on […]
VA Payments for Physicians in New Program Fall Short of Expectations (2/26/2015) - The Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act was signed into law in August with the intent of expanding health care access for veterans, but the AAFP is concerned that restrictive payment policies included in the interim final rule implementing provisions of the act could limit physician participation.
Insurance Markets in a Post-King World (2/26/2015) - The Supreme Court is considering a case – King v. Burwell – that challenges the legality of premium and cost-sharing subsidies for low- and middle-income people buying insurance in states where the federal government rather than the state is operating the marketplace under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
COA Announces Oncology Medical Home Pilot Program Launch (2/25/2015) - Ten community oncology practices across the country will begin the accreditation process to become recognized as official oncology medical homes.